Out of my concern that money given to AA is used to give known sexual offenders literature, I posted the trailer to the 13th Step documentary on my FB wall to raise more awarness about the dangers in AA. The retaliation began, seeped in sarcasm.  An AA friend said it’s a shame I wasn’t an active member so I could help out; I said after 10 years I knew “what was best for me.”  Apparently that makes me an arrogant, ex-AA know-it-all.  I was told to start my own program since I had all the answers.  I didn’t know sexual assault, rape & murder could provoke defensive sarcasm. Saying AA isn’t infallible or perfect isn’t a put-down, it’s just true. I just can’t belong to a group without having any interest in how it operates or how it spends its money.

AA’s beloved co-founder, Bill Wilson, didn’t elaborate on the 12 Traditions outlining AA’s “rules” until the 1952 book was published- 15 years after the Big Book was published- the first royalties of the Big Book went to Wilson (more facts to come…)

Members are told there are no dues or fees, but AA reminds members all the time it reall isn’t free, and those who give money feel “a sense of ‘fitting in/belonging’ for the first time. So, don’t be broke in AA or you won’t get that warm fuzzy feeling of dropping cold hard cash into the basket. Rest assured, the AA Green Card states: “The amount of our contribution is secondary to the spiritual connection” uniting groups worldwide. ( .pdf file: http://www.aa.org/en_pdfs/f-42_en.pdf)

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AA-isms ‘cooperation’ not ‘affiliation’- ‘attraction’ not ‘promotion’- ‘spiritual’ not ‘religious’ yet these terms seem rather interchangeable— How can you cooperate with a prison without affiliating with them in one way or another? 

“Give until it feels good,” says the Green Card. But I don’t feel good recruiting sex offenders & attending meetings that don’t safeguard members against sexual harassment. I don’t know where all the money goes to. In one report, AA claims $21,059,694 as income (1) which is used to disseminate “literature and related items directed towards alcoholics following the A.A. recovery program. (2)   Not sure, because aa.org claims only 56% of its income is from literature. Furthermore, AA ignores modern medicine & current research- its literature dates back to the 1970s, ’50s and ‘30s- How much of its money could possibly be spent on literature that never changes? So that leaves a mysterious 44% income unaccounted for, weird…

AA says only members can donate; but their non-profit status claims they receive “a substantial part of its support from a governmental issue or the general public.”  (1) Which AA do I believe- the one that tells me it’s a spiritual program, or a fellowship- or the AA that reports to the government as an Alcohol, Drug, Substance Abuse Dependency Prevention & Treatment organization? If a treatment patient attending a meeting donates money, should AA accept it?

Anyone know how much money is in this pie??

The graphs supplied by AA are vague at best:  Cost per member/per year is $6.43 but only$ 4.67 is being brought in so $1.76 has to be covered by literature profits. (3)  They cite 1,388,727 members, which I put into their $21,059,694 income and I came out with roughly $15.67 per member based on simple division. Now, I subtracted the $6.43 cost per member from that figure and got $8.73 so I multiplied that number by the # of members and ended up with= $11,687,086 remaining. And that’s only the money that’s accounted for… There are paid employees in AA however finding their salaries online is proving to be a tedious task for myself; Anyone who knows anything is free to message me.

Groups can put fund into a bank, they’ll need a tax ID number of course, & a “Federal ID Number” so they’ll need to fill out form SS-4 from the IRS. (4) Groups get an individual number, not one number for AA as a whole. Might need to file for tax-exempt status, so read IRS publication 557, or it “may be worthwhile to consult an accountant to learn more about these subjects.” Well, ain’t nobody got time for that, so most groups take your money and give it their Central Office.  AA members are not taught how to run a legitimate non-profit recovery group; but it’s more devastating that they’re not educated about the possible threat of violence or sexual predators in their rooms.


I don’t have all the exact numbers, I don’t have access to every single AA tax receipt, I don’t work for AA or the government, and I don’t know the exact % of tax dollars that you pay towards your states % of funding or grants towards 12 Step treatment.  I don’t know the % of money spent on AA literature that goes into each state’s AA prison literature either.  This information is widely scattered and tracing back the millions of dollars AA claims would fill up perhaps a million blog entries.  What I do know is that a certain % of money does go directly into literature recruiting violent sex offenders, and absolutely none of AA’s money goes directly towards preventing sexual harassment nor protecting vulnerable AA members from potentially dangerous AA members.

Learn what happened to Karla here:

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*You have access to the Internet, google/bing any information yourself & get educated. You don’t have the privilege to claim ignorance.*

One of AA’s longest running prison meetings (in case you don’t think they exist):