Today at work, a guy came in wearing one of those worn leather motorcycle vests. He had a helmet and protective eyewear on, giving the impression he was all about concern for safety. Anyway, his vest was adorned with patches, and he was likely a veteran of some war- maybe Vietnam. Then, I saw his “Friend of Bill W.” patch. That’s A.A. code for “I’m a member, too.”

To stay anonymous, do you make up a story to others who don’t know who you friend Bill W. is? Then again, why do you want to be friends with a known philandering husband who is often credited for inventing the 13th Step: Try to manipulate or force newcomers to sleep with you. Bill W. preached that A.A. keeps people honest while he, himself, experimented with LSD. Sure, you could say LSD was legal back in the 1950s, but so was alcohol, and surely this means Bill W. is a poor example of A.A.’s success. Oh, and he begged for whiskey on his death bed.

Due to the lack of safety in the rooms against predators, 13th Stepping and other crimes has made A.A. a place where you might need more than a helmet or protective eyewear, like maybe a whistle and some pepper spray.

Anyway, when I thought of narcissistic Bill W., this song popped into my head and it seemed to fit. So I thought I’d share it on here, so here you are:

You’re So A.A.

You walked into the meeting like you had just Let Go and Let God
Your Big Book strategically placed below one arm
Your sponsor bought the donuts
You had one eye on the newcomer repeating mottos like a robot
And all the pigeons dreamed that you’d be their sponsor
You’d be their sponsor, and…

You’re so A.A., you probably think the newcomer wants you
You’re so A.A., I’ll bet you think the newcomer wants you
Don’t you? Don’t you?

You joined A.A. several years ago thinking new members are so easy
Well the 12 Steps said you should say a prayer
And that you could never leave
But you gave out your phone number and shared drunkalogs incessantly
You had some defects, there were Pink Clouds in my coffee
Pink Clouds in my coffee, and…

You’re so A.A., you probably think the newcomer loves you
You’re so A.A., I’ll bet you think your friends will protect you
Don’t you? Don’t you?

You had stinkin’ thinkin’, there were doubts in my coffee
Doubts in my coffee, and…
Well I hear you went up to Dr. Bob’s house, hoping that you’d “get some”
Then you drove rehab patients up to Central Office
To see if you could 13th Step one
Well you’re where you should be all the time
And when you’re not you’re with
Some Friends of Bill W. or church basement close friend
Reading the 12 and 12, and…



Looking for more information to fight back against A.A. protecting 13 Steppers, go here:

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