I’m busy with tons of recovery writing, so am dropping by some favorite blogs of mine. This one is key, and the intro says it all. There are better options than the 12 Step programs, especially no programs at all. However, there are so many obstacles to non-AA groups due to treatment center red tape and state guidelines catering to 12 Step treatment. The education for certifying drug counselors needs to match the real facts- the facts that show nearly every other recovery method works better than AA. Wake up world!

12 Step Cult Religion Exposed

“Why do you hate 12 step programs so much?”  When I get asked this question, in my head I think, “Why don’t you?!?!”  Then I realize they are either ignorant, have a relative/friend in the cult, (who gives all credit for their very lives to the cult), or are a stepper (or ex-stepper), themselves.  What is most astounding is when ex-steppers defend the cult, but then I quickly realize the power of the brainwashing.  Even those who have left (gotten free really), feel the need to defend the cult.

Why?  They were told for years that their own mind was not their friend.  They were told for years that they were wrong about every choice they have ever made.  They were told for years that they are wrong and the program is right.  They are, even after years of freedom, unaware of how their mind is still hijacked by their…

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2 thoughts on “Never Call Yourself An “Alcoholic” or “Addict”

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 I am always glad to find others on this journey, those who aren’t afraid to speak the truth. It is too important. AA voices drown out the majority- those who have experienced AA and have left. There is a spectrum of dissent against AA, from mild to severe anger towards the organization and it’s close sibling- 12 Step rehab. (I honestly see no difference.)

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