AA – How AA Steals Your Soul – by Robert Warner – a book review.

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AA – How AA Steals Your Soul – by Robert Warner – a book review

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Usually, when you read a book about AA and the 12 steps, the author finds it necessary (cultural brainwashing if not personal indoctrination brainwashing) to claim that the ‘steps’ have worked for millions. They somehow seem to have the need to insist that they are not bashing AA. It’s maddening because AA should be bashed. AA should be exposed for the cult religion it is. AA should be revealed for the lies and deceit is foists on members and the us court system and on the film and TV industries and the general public. It’s lies lies and more lies.

Mr. Warner does not need to qualify anything. He takes the reader step by step through the sneaky subterfuge forced on anyone who is unfortunate enough to end up ‘in the rooms.’ Step by step he reveals how members lie to newcomers and slowly warp their minds into believing the ‘spiritual, not religious’ lies. Step by step he reveals how they do it, why they do it, and exactly when in the ‘steps’ they pull all the big switcheroos.

Do not let the grammatical errors or editing issues deter you. Robert self-published this gem of a book after he successful sued the state for illegally mandating him to AA after a DUI. This mandating is illegal why? Because in our first amendment establishment clause, church and state cannot be mixed. We cannot allow judges to force us into a religion. AA is its own special mind-control religion. Mr. Warner and his obviously brilliant attorney proved this. He won his lawsuit. He proved that what was being forced down his throat was illegal. He also did this while being threatened by his employer with termination and the judge with jail time. He attending meetings in his own way, not participating in the praying, hand holding, hugging and god worshipping and mantras claiming ‘gratitude’ for ‘powerlessness.’ He left as they all held hands and said the Christian ‘lords prayer.’ He made his views known and was unafraid to stand his ground. He knew better. He knows better. Most people leave the group and never look back. Mr. Warner has written a book that will help you know why it does not work no matter how you ‘work it.’ He also lets you know that if Wilson-worshipping works for you, cheers! However, it does NOT work for the vast majority of people who prefer to get well and get on with their lives … Not to be stuck for all eternity in meetings of lies and religious conversion.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally, someone had the guts to push back against the most successful, longest running cult religion of all time. AA is a cult religion. End of story.

The book is available in paperback or kindle.

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