Can You “Age Out” Of Addiction?.

Are Americans getting swindled by paying for treatment for addiction when maturing out and natural remission are so common? This is not just about paying out of pocket or for insurance coverage, but it’s also about the tax dollars going towards government federal and state grants for treatment. Where is the outrage that America spent 9.2 billion dollars for substance abuse treatment in 2013? Since roughly 95% goes to 12 Step treatment why are we funding religion?
*95% of US rehabs use the 12 Steps in their rehabs. At best 75% of rehabs report enforcing mandatory 12 Step meetings. The Orange Papers reports this: *


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How do people quit other habit forming addictive behaviors and compulsions?  Do they need 12 Steps to do it?
How do people quit other habit forming addictive behaviors and compulsions? Do they need 12 Steps to do it?

2 thoughts on “Can You “Age Out” Of Addiction?

  1. Some people age out and others don’t. Some don’t live long enough to find out whether they would have aged out. I don’t believe in government funding for addiction treatment, since addiction issues vary from place to place so much it looks like a good candidate for the principle of subsidiarity, and also some of the most effective treatments are self-administered and can be learned from a web search or two. But some people do need support and tips for recovery all their lives. I have no idea how many or how few such people are, but I seem to be one. It’s a complicated issue.

  2. I agree; rarely is one doomed to be an alcoholic or addict very young though. Unfortunately, there is no discussion of harm reduction for younger substance abusers who have died from overdoses or alcohol poisoning or even from withdrawals from alcohol. 12 Step rehab stressing abstinence only is like a sex ed class in junior high only teaching abstinence— we are not educating younger people how to survive and live should they make a bad decision. Many deaths for younger people are by accidental overdose or suicide and are not because they are addicted; The point is to give the person the right help they need- not tell them “this is the only way” and labeling them addicts for life. Maturing out- or natural remission- often occurs in a person’s 30s or 40s. Of course abstinence is an option and there’d be no way of knowing if abstainers by choice credit AA or therapy, or were just able to change, or if medication helped without enough studies showing us more comparisons.

    The government funding should at least hold each treatment center to identical standards and protocols. Too many are offered only 12 Step meetings and that is not the same as offering a variety of effective options. Like you said, a web search can help and in the future, the rehab system we have in place today may fall to the wayside. And it’s true many do not need lifelong recovery support, either. I’ve heard many say meetings were helpful in the short term or early days of recovery, but have left them behind to live their lives.

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