Gamergate: Are Video Games Sexist? I share this while simultaneously watching the NFL game (Denver vs. San Diego) and as a stadium cheers and female cheerleaders cheer for the all-male athletes. I’m not saying we shouldn’t cheer on men’s sports. But I am saying that their sports are disproportionately more watched and celebrated by Americans. Meanwhile, I hear too many times the phrase female athlete, or female gamer. Or the “first woman” to play this, or the “first woman” to do that. I don’t think men will ever understand how this feels.

The Dish

For late-breaking Dish coverage of the first confirmed case of Ebola in New York, follow the updates compiled by Bodenner below. For continued coverage of Gamergate, here’s some perspective from Christina Hoff Sommers:

God, I love Christina. More on why I find myself increasingly on the side of the much-despised gamers tomorrow.

Meanwhile, more absurdity from Amanda Taub over yesterday’s shooting spree in Ottawa:

Reports imply that because Zehaf-Bibeau was Muslim, jihad is the likely motivation for his attack. But at this stage, without any actual evidence, it makes no more sense to come to that conclusion than it would to assume that he was motivated by Quebecois separatism, just because he was from Quebec. At this point, our focus on the Ottawa shooter’s religion says more about our own fears than it does about anything to do with Islamist terrorism.

A Canadian reader spat out his coffee:

Taub repeatedly refers to…

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