This explains the allure of AA and 12 Step fellowship to a narcissist… the applause and the spotlight. This also explains the sense of entitlement they have by believing theirs is the right way, and how dare you say AA doesn’t work. Yet, the same rules they expect you to follow don’t apply to them. You must be selfless and giving, and never say no to anything asked of you in AA; Meanwhile, the narcissistic AA member can talk this talk but can’t walk the walk. They only say they are humble because it the “right” answer, not because they are humble.

A great read on the masks narcissists wear. Enjoyed this blog very, very much. Happy to share it with all of you.

After Narcissistic Abuse

The Show-Off

When presented with the “show-off”, recognize that1showoffyou are in the company of someone who HUNGERS for the adoration and envy of others. You’ll see these people on social media, frequently posting photos of themselves, in provocative and titillating poses (female) and in various scenerios showing how “magnificent” and “aesthetically pleasing” their lives are. Add to that, the retweets and shares of the flattering “Oohs and Aahs” and you have someone who’s quite literally STARVING.

Even someone who feigns the ole self depracating comments and gestures are showing-off how “selfless” they are. Bologna. Self-efficacy and quiet charm can be just as narcissistic as braggadocia. Remember the “motive”: ADORATION. They don’t care if they get it from playing the loud guy/gal or being the very well admired “quite guy” or “shy girl”.

These people have learned that if they can impress you with some talent, skill, or sexuality, they…

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