Alcoholics Anonymous and its members are not educated, nor informed, about the link between substance abuse, domestic violence, and there are NO safety rules in A.A. Without rules, guess what kind of membership A.A. attracts? People who like having no rules, who feel they’re not doing anything wrong because A.A. has no comment on the matter. A young woman, Karla Mendez Brada, was brutally murdered by a sociopath trolling meetings preying on vulnerable women. He was never banned from meetings, in fact, he was court ordered 52 times. If you truly care about yourself, or a person seeking help for addictions, do not send them to A.A. Send them to an organization that puts safety and common sense, as well as evidence based supports, above its own selfish business goals. A.A. is an organization with a giant, apathetic, ego that cares only that it gets more members and nothing more.

I love this blog “illbefreeordie” and the link the 48 Hours episode on CBS is included in this latest edition. Pay attention to A.A.’s empty hallways and their complete lack of care about this situation. There are no words to express how callous A.A. is not to have any expression of sympathy or apologies to Karla’s family.


CBS 48 Hours – The Sober Truth – Karla Brada Mendez

Let’s examine what happened to Karla Brada Mendez. What is really ironic and heartbreaking is that there is intense discrimination against and lack of empathy for women who are beaten and raped by their partners if those women also seek help for Substance Use or are known to be Substance Use Disordered. The Elements Behavioral Health website states that, “Recognizing that culturally-ascribed roles and gender expectations affect society’s attitudes toward women with substance abuse.” (SEE: Elements Behavioral Health: Attitudes About Women) Society’s attitude toward these women has to have a significant impact on the lives of women dealing with substance use challenges. It is as if women are expendable if they have a Substance Use Disorder…but few people in society will openly admit to having this bias. Some may not even be aware that they hold women with substance use…

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