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2010 (untitled/ formerly titled "Might As Well Jump" 2010 (untitled/ formerly titled “Might As Well Jump” acrylic/canvas 16×20

Where to begin on the topic of anxiety?  It’s not the same everyday.  Sometimes it’s social and I dread having to talk to anyone face to face, or on the phone coming a very close second, and some days it manifests as literal apathy because why bother to do anything if we’re all going to cease to exist anyway.   Typically, each morning (if it’s before noon) I wake up making a list of my head why today will be a good day.  I try to ignore the thousands of reasons I can come up with why staying in the bed is better.  I love pillows, I love holding them, I love having the bed to myself to stretch in.  (Yes, as much as I love sharing the bed the person I love it doesn’t mean the bed doesn’t serve a…

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