Big Book Burn or Return Challenge!

Big Book Burn and Return Challenge This November my friend Jason Bartley posted a video on YouTube challenging people to either return their Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book to the organization or burn their Big Book if they prefer.  Similar to the “ice bucket challenge” which went viral many moons ago, the Big Book Burn and … Continue reading Big Book Burn or Return Challenge!

Interview with Myself- Part 2

Interview with Myself- part 2   Some of these questions are inspired by actual comments on other blogs by actual people who asked them.  Although I try to reply to serious questions, it doesn't stop me from getting baited by trolls and skunks determined to stink up the message board with cyber-bullying taunting, name-calling, and … Continue reading Interview with Myself- Part 2

A Slap in the Face

*This is from a blog I wrote in 2012, i am reprinting it here today.  I wrote this a month after leaving 12 step rehab--- feeling a bit shaken, but not stirred. * A Slap In The Face Evidently, it doesn't seem to matter to drug and alcohol counselors that Alcoholics Anonymous virtually ignores … Continue reading A Slap in the Face