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My Fave Sites & Blogs

Here is a list I am including as a quick guide to find other blogs I read  and websites I visit that you may enjoy.  Will edit this page as time allows to add descriptions and detail.

The Orange Papers

Making Noise in the South

12 Step Cult Religion Exposed

Expose AA


The 13th Step Film

I’ll Be Free Or Die

Not Powerless

More Revealed

Disrupted Physician

The Freedom to Recover

HAMS harm reduction website

HAMS Network WordPress Blog

NA Daytona (Are you Safe in AA/NA- No Way)

Stinkin’ Thinkin’

The Sobriety Collective

Recovering from Addiction

SMART Recovery

Studio L Online

Cult of Motchka


Secular Organizations for Recovery

Practical Recovery

Moderation Management

LifeRing Secular Recovery

Rational Recovery

VICE – Maia Szalavitz’s Column

TIME Online- Maia Szalavitz’s Column

The Fix

Recovery Farm House

4 thoughts on “My Fave Sites & Blogs

  1. Aright when are you going to add recoveryfarmhouse.net I am getting ready to re-organize it to make the AA cult stories and such easier to find. I also have recoveryfarmhouse.com but I wrote much of it before my eyes were opened. I have allot of positive AA stuff at the .net as well I do see both sides of the coin. I have gotten so much flack, name calling, cussed out, kicked out, and more for being an AA critic in the facebook recovery groups. I have been walking the line trying not to get kicked out of the rest of the groups. I am low on search results and without the groups I wouldn’t get many hits. But that has not stopped me from telling what I have seen rampant in the rooms. Because the dysfunctions many are accepted as AA by so many. This is what irritates me and needs brought into the light. Most, well many have their heads in the sand. Grateful for these sites you have listed haven’t checked out all of them yet. If I have to have perfect grammar and punctuation don’t bother. I am not bad but could use improvement. Thanks again. Laura Edgar

    1. I’ll add it for sure!!! Thanks for the tip and when I have more time I’ll check it out.

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